A Thousand Oceans

by Sherah

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Candy Apple Red I've listened to this song a thousand times while I was trying to break free from a bad relationship. The entire album helped me replace "The Truth" as my true love and break down my idol - a toxic relationship. Favorite track: Freedom's Daughter.
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A Thousand Oceans is Sherah's first full length album born out of her foray into the Austin music scene. A prolific writer, Sherah's set list is overflowing with bluesy folk grooves, heartfelt jazz-inflected ballads, and undulant R&B love songs with vivid lyrical content that brings to life the bittersweet journey of love. This album delivers many of her best songs from her expansive repertoire and leaves you wanting more!


released October 20, 2012

Album recorded, mixed and mastered by Zeke Benenate at Islander Studio, Austin, TX. All songs written by Sherah. "Constantine" and "Fight On Soldier" arranged by Sherah and Chase Gassaway.

Zeke Benenate: Upright bass, electric bass, keys, melodica, glockenspiel, percussion, snapping

Chase Gassaway: acoustic guitar

Phil Montfort: acoustic and electric guitars

Kris Brown: electric guitar

Mark Tokach: Ukelele, electric guitar

Vinnie Ambrosone, Tom Van Schaik, Keith Botello: drums, percussion

Shan Rutherford: piano

Background vocals: Brooke Ford and Sherah Sleeper



all rights reserved


Sherah Austin, Texas

We're an Austin-based, Acoustic Pop/Roots band with a romantic, 40's jazz twist. Sherah writes for The Fine Souls, & sings a sultry lead vocal. Phil Montfort's on acoustic and electric guitar & Zeke Benenate's on upright bass. We are currently in hot pursuit of a jazz drummer, but often Chris Trafton, Tom Van Schaik, and Michael Hale rotate in. Visit our website to see our show calendar. ... more

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Track Name: Hello Was A Little Boat
Hello Was a Little Boat
Sherah Sleeper

Hello was a little boat
That carried me across the moat
A simple hello, and soon we were sunbathing on the shore

We were two of a kind and I loved you
And I told you so till I turned blue
But I never could cross the distance in you eyes

How many different ways can I try to explain what you mean to me
How far do I need to go before you know what you could be to me
But you don’t listen, won’t listen, can’t listen
And you won’t take yes for an answer

When the word “love” leaves my lips
Your eyes lose focus and your focus skips
To that girl you see when you look at me with your double-visioned heart

If she was ghost, well I’d understand
You’d have to be a fool to let go of this man
But a memory, well I can’t compete
And I shouldn’t even try

Sometimes I feel like a circus clown
My red face paint in a perfect frown
My big shoes tripping through your hoops
Too stupid or too in love?

…So I don’t listen, won’t listen, can’t listen
And I wont take no for an answer
Track Name: Constantine
Sherah Sleeper

I used to have a dream in the wintertime
Wishing for the spring to come and the sun to shine
The sunlight in the air was golden
I looked down on the treetops holding
My arms wide like a bird in flight
I used to have this dream most every night

Oh the years rolled on by and my dreams changed
It’s springtime but I see the sky through a windowpane
I crash against the glass but I just
Can’t seem to get past it
Till the other day I felt a gentle breeze
And found myself breathing hard on the balcony

Countdown to lift off
And I’m never coming down, I’m never coming down
Hold on Constantine
Got one foot on the ground
And one foot in the air

You know me I’ve never been afraid of heights
Been aching every waking hour for the chance to fly
I’m no fortune-teller but I know
Love’s gon’ find me if I follow
The one true thing beckoning my heart
I was made to glow in the dark

Never coming down never coming down from this fools dream
Don’t break my heart Constantine
It’s a wild ride on the back of the horse called Destiny
So wrap your arms around me
Track Name: Freedom's Daughter
Freedom’s Daughter
Sherah Sleeper

I split my lip tripping on old roots again
Memories turned underground
And my heart beats louder to drown, drown, drown your voice

Been watching the road from the rear-view mirror again
Can’t see where I’m going
And I can’t take my eyes off where I’ve been
And my heart beats louder to drown, drown, drown your voice

I am freedom’s daughter
And you way or the highway ain’t much of a riddle

Freedom’s calling
And I’ll take the highway, I’ll take the highway
My motor’s running
Goodbye to your way, I’ll take the highway

My blistered hands finally ready to let go
My bleeding feet yearn for solid ground beneath the tightrope
And my heart beats louder to drown, drown, drown, your voice

Never going back to the way things used to be
Nothing you could say’s gonna make this fool believe you
Got my eyes on the open road and I’ve got love
Love, love, love to live for
Track Name: Winding Road
Winding Road
Sherah Sleeper

Come on down to see me when the moon is high
I’ll hold you in the meadow beneath the starry sky
Beneath the starry sky

Patience as the water softens every stone
The rain will fall on the desert, give life to dry bones
Life to dry bones

Count the stars and remember I love every one
I’ll be your song in the morning
As you walk the winding road
Walk the winding road

Fear not what is mystery and hold not to this home
But taste love sweet as honey from the honeycomb
From the honeycomb
Track Name: As The Crow Flies
As the Crow Flies
Sherah Sleeper

You put my plans on the back foot
Can’t get past your double doors
You say yes, but you mean maybe
And as the crow flies, I guess it’s no

Sweeter than a sugar-coated lie
Truer than a guilty eye
Baby, I’ve just got to say goodbye
Take it as the crow flies

As a rule, I’ve got feelings
And as a rule you think I ain’t
Hot sauce and Jimmy Beam got more potential
To put some fire under your tin can

In the dawn of this moment
When the filament is lit
What I’d only seen by silhouette in the mist
Holds me now in it’s fist

Hindsight and poetry never suffer
When a broken heart is bleeding
I count the cost, I count my blessings
I count the ways we could’ve beat this
Track Name: Swallowed Whole
Swallowed Whole
Sherah Sleeper

Peel away the layer of faded paint that covers the signs
I’m not blind
As long as I have known you I’ve known the lies that fool you inside
Every time

And it takes you down like a thief who’s found
A big bag of money
And before you know it’ll swallow us whole
Well ain't it funny that you don’t see

You don’t see

If I had a penny for all the times you told me you were just fine
I’d buy a gold mine
But I watch you running faster and I’m wondering what you’re after
Baby sometimes
The heart lies

And it shuts you down, come on! one more round
You just can’t make it to the door
And before you know it’ll swallow us whole
Well I’ve seen this mess before
But you don’t see

You don’t see

If you walk away from me, disappear into the sea
All we’ve got will fall apart in a heartbeat
Can running heal your soul? Can hiding make you whole?
My arms are open hoping you’ll come back

But it hunts you down like a hungry hound
Coming in for the kill
And before you know it’ll swallow us whole I know it will
But you don’t see
Track Name: Take Me Higher
Take Me Higher
Sherah Sleeper

Tumble down the verdant ground around you
Feel it cold and green between your toes
And let’s suppose
The noonday sky is only half as high
Let’s fill it up with water from the hose
Forget the windows

And take me higher, take me closer
To the river of your soul
Let the water of your love come down
Fill me up and overflow

Let’s spend the night beneath the starry sky
Discover ways that lovers remain friends
And let’s pretend
The stars are secrets that we share between us
Stolen kisses, whispered promises
Don’t let it ever end

The sun illuminates your hair
You look just like an angel standing there
The years may come and the year may go
But I won’t, no I never will

Underneath the yellow maple tree
We’re kissing, reminiscing how we met
We can’t forget
It seems I’m the kind girl your world was needing
And you’re the kind of boy my heart could trust
Now, take a look at us
Track Name: I Need Your Love
I Need Your Love
Sherah Sleeper

I tried to forget about you
Tried to forget your name
I tried to get back to the life I
Life I used to
Used to know
I called but it never came

Head under my pillow
The truth has found me anyway
Dark is bright as day

And I’ve had enough feeling tangled up
I need your, need your, need your love
I finally see what a fool I was
I need your, need your, need your love

(I need your love, I need your love
What in the world was I thinking of
I don’t deserve your forgiveness but
I’m asking cause I need your love)

I thought you were Peter Parker
I thought you would save the day
I thought you could be so
Be so perfect
Perfect all the time
You stuck with me anyway

Head under my pillow
Wondering why I couldn’t see
You were perfect for me

I gave you hell for breakfast
And I gave you up for good
You gave me that look and I knew
I knew that I was
I was wrong
And I knew you knew I would

Head under my pillow
I was stupid I was proud
There, I said it out loud
Track Name: Lonely River
Lonely River
Sherah Sleeper

Verse 1:
Sitting here in front of you, I know you never really see me
Tipping back in my canoe, I feel the water swallow me
And I closes in around my chest and drowns my love and all the rest
And I don’t want anybody to save me
And I want another empty kiss goodnight

Lonely river, bear me on
I’ll be your prisoner
Just set me free from love

Verse 2
On the surface, rippling from the touch you seemed to give me
In the depths, recoiling I feel the lie wash over me
And I catch my breath and bite my tongue and count the seconds till you’re gone
And I don’t want to hear you say you’re sorry
And I don’t need another empty kiss goodnight

Deep and Wide, roll right through me
And I won’t fight for air tonight
Deep and Wide roll right through me
And I won’t fight for air tonight
For air tonight

Lungs are burning, seeing stars, but I can’t see my way around this
All that is and all that was was small compared to what we missed
Oh lonely river, drench my eyes and bind my wounds and set me right
‘Cause I don’t want hope to be a liar
And I don’t need another empty kiss goodnight
Track Name: Fight On Soldier
Fight on Soldier
Sherah Sleeper

Some days it’s a game of hide and seek and I can’t find you
Where are you now, where are you now
And some days it’s a poker game and I’ve called your bluff
I’ve figure you out, figured you out
And some days it’s a cat’s game and I can’t get around you
No matter what I do

But the earth goes round again
And the sun flies high again
And the earth goes round again
And the sun flies high again

Fight on soldier fight on
Honest as the day is long
When all you love is all you got
Fight on soldier fight on
The reckoning will not prove wrong
When all you love is all you’ve got to lose
When all you love is all you’ve got to lose

My head-bone’s taken hard knocks, my neck-bone’s tired of hanging down
I do what I can, I do what I can
And my shoulder bones bend against the shackles of my past
Just a step at a time, a step at a time
And my arm bones and my hand bones ache beneath the giving I give
And the love that I live
Track Name: When The Light Comes In
When the Light Comes In
Sherah Sleeper

I could hear you like an echo, I could feel you like a coming storm
And my heart was getting hungry
Crying out more, more, more

It was colder than a deep freeze, darker than the other side of the moon
And my heart was getting restless
Come on, come on, soon, soon, soon

It would’ve been so easy to fade into the night
But I held on tight

When the light comes in, it’s a classic case of where you been
Baby where you been all my life, I been waiting right here for you
When the light comes in, it’s like I’m looking at a long lost friend
As a friend who never said good-by
I’ve been waiting right here for you

Was it an underestimation to call you an angel in disguise?
I can clearly see your halo
Come on baby let me apologize

Cause your laughter makes me happy and your lovin’ lights me up inside
And sometimes it leaves me breathless
When I realize that you’re mine, mine, mine

And you light me up
You light me up
And it’s alright
Track Name: Genuine Love
Genuine Love
Sherah Sleeper

She never imagined what she’d just seen
She once had a lovely daydream

Overthrown by a promise and a drink
Shut down by who whispered not to think
Not to cry not to wonder why she couldn’t find
Genuine love

She’s a tricked out girl in a messed up world
When spin is gold, you sell your soul like lemonade
And she can’t believe it’s her destiny
To turn her back on her old-fashioned daydream

Oh be still, baby child
Let your daydream come alive
Say My name, no mystery
It’s got to be

Genuine love
It’s got to be

She never imagined what she’d just seen
She once had a lovely daydream

Outcast turns her back on a burning bridge
Love was not enough when the cash was spent
Shuts her eyes and she wonders why she couldn’t find
Genuine love

She’s a tricked out girl in a messed up world
When spin is gold, you sell your soul like lemonade
And she can’t believe its her destiny
To turn her back on her old-fashioned daydream

Oh be still, baby child
Let your daydream come alive
Say My name, no mystery
It’s got to be

Genuine love
It’s got to be

She never imagined what she’d just seen
She once had a lovely daydream
Track Name: There With You
There With You
Sherah Sleeper

Come closer, sit by my side
I need to feel your body here beside my body
Don’t run for cover under what you won’t say
Keep me prisoner, blindfolded
Yearning for the light of day

And lately I’ve been looking for a sign
But something’s telling me don’t,
Don’t’ trust your eyes

And I don’t know where the wind blows
I don’t know where time goes
And I sure don’t know what the future holds
But I do know I want to go there with you

When did it get so complicated
Do you remember loving me utterly and simply
And when did we start to lose hope
Seeking shelter in the silence
Bleeding on the dark side of the door

And lately, there’s a fortress in your eyes
But darling, it’s just me, just you and I
You and I tonight

Is that the way the story goes
You fall in love and after that who knows
Then why’s it hurt so bad to throw it all away
I want more, I want more
Track Name: You Break Through
You Break Through
Sherah Sleeper

You break through
My paper shelter painted with yesterday’s blood
You break through
The scarlet letters I wear when love comes undone

You break through
These broken bones standing like soldiers to guard my heart
You break through
When wishful thinking goes down easy and faith is hard

And I need you, I need you
And I need you, I need you
To break through

You break through
When secrets make me bolder, when trouble’s calling out my name
You break through
When my fists and fire-breathing fight to hide the blame

Drag your finger down the jagged line
I am fractured
Paint my future with this blood of mine
Will you be there?
Will you be there?

You break through
You trade your beauty for my ashes, your beginning for my end
You break through
And I throw myself into your arms again and again
Track Name: A Thousand Oceans
A Thousand Oceans
Sherah Sleeper

It’s out of my hands this time
The tornado has touched down
End over end, I’m suspended mid-sentence
In your confession

And the truth takes hold
The sound of your voice has never been so cold
You’re already gone

I don’t’ mean a thing to you tonight
But you possess me, baby
I’d die a thousand deaths for you, I’d swim a thousand oceans
My heart can’t find it’s rhythm
Without you in it, without you in it
I’d die a thousand deaths for you
If I could bring you home
But you’re already gone

The curtain’s down and I am alone
You played the part so well
Was I so blind all this time I couldn’t see you changing
Feel our live re-arranging

And the truth takes hold
Loving you, I was clutching at shadows
You’re already gone

Ah, ah, ah, not so fast
My heart is bleeding but I’m still hanging on
Ah, ah ah, better think again
‘Cause this ain't over, this ain’t over